Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel Around the World!

I love to travel and have made a point to travel to some of the world's most famous energy centers, such as Sedona in the US, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Lourdes in France, and many others. I feel very fortunate to have been able to visit such places and see for myself what these powerful spots on our planet are all about. Obviously, most of us are not able to just pick up and take a trip, but that doesn't mean we can't try to experience a faraway place in our own way. I have a friend, Bernard, who studies ancient civilizations and who showed me how easily this can be done, even if you're not psychic and you've never ever been to a power spot.

While visiting with a friend one day, I noticed a small cabinet in his living room that had some very interesting items in it. There was a crisp white doily on one shelf and on top of it was a small photograph of a beautiful mountain at sunrise. I immediately recognized the image as Mt. Shasta in Northern California. In front of the photo was a small piece of volcanic rock. But what was particularly interesting and surprising to me was that I have been to M. Shasta and am familiar with the energy there, and I could actually feel a similar power emanating from that corner in his living room.

As you can imagine, I was intrigued and asked him about this display. He told me that he had wanted to experience Mt. Shasta's energy, which by the way is often called the root chakra of the Earth. Since he couldn't travel there, he decided to bring the energy to him by creating a special place for it to reside in his home. He said that the doily represented the snowy cap of the mountain, the rock symbolized the fact that the mountain is a volcano, and the picture was to help focus on the actual place. After he had created his little display together with things that had meaning for him, he stood next to his arrangement and imagined creating a circle around it that extended about three feet out. Then he imagined the mountain in his mind and invited energy from Mt. Shasta to inhabit this area in his home.

I admit that it sounds farfetched, but I clearly felt the energy of Mt. Shasta every time I drew near! I was so impressed with his creative solution to recreate a sense of this place in his home that I tried it at my own home, and it worked beautifully! Obviously many people would love to visit places like Machu Pichu, Glastonbury, and/or other high-energy spots around the world, but not everyone is able to travel, for a variety of reasons, and that is why I am sharing his solution with you.

You don't have to be a psychic or world traveler to experience the energy of the world's most powerful places. Bring the power to you by creating your own energy center at home, just as he did, knowing that your intention makes it so.

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