Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A lot of my friends come to me asking for advice to change aspects of their life. One of the things I get them to look at is their personal magnetism. Personal magnetism is not something only attributed to people like movie stars or politicians. All of us possess our own brand of magnetism. On a very basic level, our bodies have own energy field, and, just like a magnet, we all can attract (or repel) people, situations or things either to or away from us.
    This is because our thoughts and emotions are forms of energy as well, and the thoughts and emotions that we “send out” have a great deal to do with how others perceive us and how we interact in the world.
    Changing our thoughts and getting clearer about our emotions has a direct affect on our energy,  The key here is for us to become aware of the types of thoughts and emotions that we generally have. Are they positive and open to possibilities, or negative and critical (of yourself or others)? A simple point to remember is that we attract what we focus on. Try to check in throughout the day to see how you are feeling.
    For example, if you catch yourself having a negative thought such as, “I'll never get ahead,” you're sending out a negative, or repelling, energy. But if you can turn it into a more positive statement, like “I am tackling the challenges along my chosen path,” you'll be sending out a positive, attracting energy.
    So, boost your personal magnetism with positive thoughts, and, like the old folk song, “let your little light shine.”
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